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Great to see technology helping children in need especially in education.

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Meeting the autism challenge with advanced social robotics. 

INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero

R25ZenoKidsslideFirst there was humankind, now there’s RoboKind. When you hear it from Fred Margolin, CEO and co-founder of RoboKind, an advanced social robotics company, you begin to understand the power of what’s possible with robots, and why some of the nation’s top experts in robotics, artificial intelligence and electrical, mechanical and software engineering are all working so passionately. They are behind the technology that produces

When you put everything together, you have a tool that is completely attuned to special education.

the amazing RoboKind facial expressions for what they believe are the most lifelike robots in the world. The robots also have humanoid bodies, and even what Fred describes as “CompuCompassion” — which he talks about in more depth in this interview. For education, the implications aren’t just fascinating. Autistic and special needs children are…

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Asterix Books: Comics for the Roman Age

Asterix Books: Comics for the Roman Age

When I want to pass on my love for reading I look back to my fond memories of reading graphic novels as a kid.  Reading comics is one way to instill this joy of reading in a fun and engaging way.  Besides Tintin, another one of my favorites, is the adventures of Asterix and Obelix.  These adventures captured in over 30 books are set during Roman Empire Era.  Asterix are fighting to keep the Romans from invading their tiny village in Gaul (modern day France).  Each book is a delight to read about their comical interactions with the Romans.

My 9-year old, read three books, in one week because these books were so engaging.  He loved history, especially the Roman era,  so it was natural that he would love to read Asterix books.

Official Asterix website


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